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Cleaning and house repairing are not the funniest activities in the world. Indeed, most people will totally agree with that, however, there is an absolutely special way of approaching that activities: turning them into a well-designed, beautiful, and absolutely adorable game. This is what happened when House Flipper appeared. From the first glance, you may think that there is nothing exciting here. Is it possible that cleaning and painting would make you interested? Isn’t that a kind of activity you would rather avoid in your real life? Maybe, it is, but there is a real life and there a digital life! You will be surprised how amusing is that – to tidy the houses and make them look great. You will totally love it! However, not only you can do all that housing stuff now, because the developers are ready to please you with a second part of the same title and it is called Garden Flipper, which is even more appealing and interesting than the previous. The slow pace of the process is so meditative, that you will really appreciate it after a hard working day, when your brain is willing to relax and stop thinking at least for a while. Watch the digital hands of the gardener that are planting, cutting, digging, and pulling out the unwanted weeds. This one really hits the highest mark!

If you compare these two parts, then you will easily conclude that they are similar and act as a single story when perceived together. House Flipper gives you some access to the outdoors, while Garden Flipper doesn’t exclude any activities inside of the houses – you can decorate and design them as well as the gardens.