Garden Flipper 2

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Take your chance and become a gardener in this amazing sim title! Upgrade people’s gardens and don’t forget to improve their houses – you will have an access to both out- and in-door locations, which are all changeable. Most of them will look old and ugly, but you can give them a new life, so why don’t you try? You will own a wide range of different gardening instruments like scissors, shovels, hammers and more. Using them, you will be able not only to plant and grow trees, but also make the area clean and repaired. By the way, your duties really go far beyond floristics – you will also have to complete some tough tasks like fixing and cleaning, because your main aim is make customers’ gardens and houses shine.

The title allows you to create stylish interiors and neat gardens, where the number of creative options is limited to your own imagination. Don’t be shy to try something new that seems great to you, because even when you have orders from particular customers, they won’t mind if you apply your best ideas to make their houses great. This is a pretty wide and nice filed for self-expression as well as for calming monotonous work. Together they make a delightful title and you are most welcome to check it out for free on our website.