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Arranging houses and gardens can be incredible. If you don’t believe us, then this simulator title will convince you from the first minutes of the gameplay. Act as a gardener for hire and show your best design skills and hardworking nature. You are welcome to interact with hundreds of activities, like cleaning, planting, watering, growing, digging, etc. You will visit numerous houses and get various tasks that are unique. Take care of the floral design as well as of the interior of the house! Now you have a chance to create a full-fledged creative project in the digital world and get desired cash for it.

We bet that you will pay special attention to the way the playing process is arranged. The tasks you receive are pretty flexible and a bit blurry. First, you won’t have any idea about the salary you will receive for the complete work. Second, you cannot predict how much time do you need to fulfill everything. Third, neither the game, nor the customers will inform you that the task is already done and you can leave calmly. Strange thing, but you will have to evaluate your work yourself and arrange the schedule in a way that will allow you deal with everything. On the other hand, some orders can be done partly at some time and you can get back to them when you have inspiration to continue – these are great news, because the amount of activities is large and they are pretty diverse, so some of them might seem entertaining and interesting to you, while the other may turn to be dull.