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The fantastic world of trees, flowers and bushes can be a real dimension of calm and recreation. When you do something with your own hands and then look after it, see it growing, developing and becoming a large tree from a small green stroke, this is something similar to a real miracle! Have you ever thought of an activity of that kind? In other words, have you ever wanted to become a gardener? Even if you didn’t, then nothing should stop you from trying this incredibly addictive title called Garden Flipper. Take your scissors, put on your gloves, and get to work! Yes, you got it right – this one is a gardening simulator, the one you should play right after you are finished with the previous part, which no less amazing (House Flipper). So, your job is extremely variable and there is a great deal of different tasks you will do. Clean the location, get rid of weeds and unneeded trees and flowers, plant new beautiful bushes and fruit trees or everything you believe belongs to this place. Create flowerbeds, shape the bushes, take care of the trees, and do other stuff in the gardens of your customers, who will gladly reward you for your job with money.

What is more, you will not only learn a lot about flora and gardening, but also you will grasp the way various gardening tools work. Here you will find a great deal of them and most are mechanical, so you will feel yourself like a professional gardener, who can do everything! Move from one house to another, leaving real beauty behind your back and earning some cash to get yourself more incredible tools and create more masterpieces! Your customers are already waiting for you to come and make their houses look amazing.