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If you are a gamer, who tracks the hottest new hits all the time, then you have noticed that simulators are conquering the market. More and more titles that allow you to experience some kind of digital world appear regularly, but simulators have something special in the very concept itself. They are great and popular just because of those opportunities to outlive an activity you would never do in the real life. Some activities are not as amazing as they are when implemented in the form of a game, so this is another reason for such an interest around simulators. One of such titles is House Flipper and its continuation – Garden Flipper. Both have become extremely appreciated and well-accepted right after being launched and if you didn’t try them till this moment, this is a perfect time to do so. Both are available at our resource for free!

The last title is really addictive and requires your special dedication. In general, it takes about twenty hours to pass it completely and you need to have enough patience and skill to achieve success. Sometimes, the process will be really challenging, but this only makes it even more interesting. The title has more than 20 different achievements and you are expected to work hard to earn them all. Your tasks will be connected with gardening, as you have already guessed. There will be a bunch of different customers, who will give you certain tasks and your mission will be to meet their expectations. There is a need to work on every task you receive, but this doesn’t mean that you have to fulfill them right away. You will have a chance to come to them later if you wish so. However, some orders are urgent and if you want to achieve a certain status, you will have to do everything fast. In some cases, you will have just one minute of time. Not only you will have to do the garden-related stuff, but also some tasks will require you to become a seller. For instance, you may want to earn some cash by helping someone sell their houses. The amount of items for sale will vary as well as the time you have for each procedure, so learn how to manage all orders wisely to meet the deadlines. Be aware that if you receive a task to sell items from a customer from a certain region, it is much better to sell them inside of that region. Otherwise, your chances will decrease. You will encounter unusual houses, which hide some secrets inside of them, so if you do find one, make sure to check what kind of mystery is that and remove it before setting the building for sale. Good luck and happy achievements!