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All kinds of different simulator games are now emerging. It’s really hard to name an activity that has not been converted into such title (indeed, you can even try living the goat’s life). This one has a pretty unique and interesting central idea. It doesn’t offer you drive a vehicle, dive into the depths of the ocean or anything like that. No. Instead, you are offered to work as a gardener, who receives a great deal of various tasks and has to fulfill them successfully.

From cleaning to designing, you will try yourself in a great variety of actions. Fulfill your duties, helping people to make their houses incredible, cozy and simply beautiful. For your hard work and patience, customers will give you some cash. With that cash, you will be able to improve your inventory and deal with the tasks faster and better, mastering new techniques and skills. As a result, you will win all the achievements offered by the game very soon, but get ready that this will take some time and effort. The entire title lasts about twenty hours during which you are expected to master various levels. Both House and Garden Flipper are available at our resource for free, so you are welcome to give them a try! Play online and have fun!