House Flipper Mobile

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You must be aware of the most famous property simulator game called House Flipper, the one where you have to sell houses and maximize your profits arranging deals. Now the developers of the same studio have launched a second part of the title and it is called Garden Flipper. As the name suggests, now you are going to work on the environment that surrounds the houses (but only). As in the previous part, you will communicate with people, who are going to be your customers. Their demand is beauty, cleaning, and amazing design. You are going to take care of the spaces in front of the buildings, turning them into real masterpieces. Sometimes, you will have to remove garbage and try really hard to improve the way everything looks, while sometimes ornamental décor is going to be enough in mobile Andoid version.

One of the main features we would like to pinpoint in Garden Flipper is graphics. This simulator can boast of having incredibly detailed artwork, where every small flower is drawn with attention and love. You will also have an access to the in-house environment, where you will apply your design skills as well. The title provides twelve different achievements and you are expected to conquer them all gradually, improving your level and moving from simple tasks to more advanced ones. Hundreds of various houses and gardens are waiting for you here, so hours of amazing gameplay are guaranteed. You will have an access to different gardening tools, as well as locations and interior elements to implement. Each project is going to be pretty unique, because the capacities will grow, while the clients will have different preferences and wishes. You will take care of both flora and elements of furniture, creating a full-fledged design project, each mew one different from all the rest. While you have to fulfill the achievements, you will also have a room for experiments. Some tasks can be completed later – you can finish your work partly and then come back to make some changes and improvements. Still, the other projects will be more urgent, so you won’t only test and improve your design skills, but also work on your time management abilities. So get creative and good luck with your projects!