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As you can easily understand from the title’s name, this one is a continuation of famous House Flipper, only now you will move to another location – the pre-house territory, which doesn’t exclude your in-house activity as well. The title is full of various capabilities and your occupation suggests that you can do almost everything, from painting and gardening to interior design. While you might have been waiting that the second part of the title will gain some gameplay improvements and become more smooth and physics-based, it actually stays the same clicking title as it was. However, may this not frustrate you, because the number of incredible things to do are waiting for you. The first part was connected with a deal of housework, which felt like something calming and pretty nice. This one does have housework activities to offer, and to say the truth – a great variety of them, but what makes it different and unique is an opportunity to get creative. You will find a number of well-designed gardens here, those that are already pretty nice even before you start working with them. As such, you have a nice material to adjust and improve, creating a perfect environment your digital customers will adore.

Planting flowers and doing all that exterior design stuff is a perfect entertainment especially for those, who used to live in cities and towns. While your life is connected with urban environment, you may find especially nice and appealing to get to the nature and work with your hands (at least, digital nature). However, not only you are going to deal with tender and cute flowers and weeds, but also you will have to take away the trash, repair various elements of equipment and pieces of furniture. We cannot say that it is difficult, but less aesthetic for sure. Great gardens are more than just beautiful trees! What is more, your mission is to provide each of your clients with a pleasant environment, so you will need to take care of each aspect. In turn, they will reward you. Business is business!