Garden Flipper DLC

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The reason we love games is pretty obvious – they allow us to experience fantastic worlds and do something so incredible that it is even hard to imagine. The digital entertainments can bring you back in time, let you fly on a plane, travel around the globe and even see the space. However, crazy power of fantasy never stops on romantics! What about trying to sell dozens of houses for fixed price? Oh wait, you are also going to clean, repair, and decorate them before you do, because nobody will ever buy a piece of trash like that (at least, this won’t bring you as much cash as you want to receive). Welcome to the simulator of all kinds of house-related activity – House Flipper. Here you are going to make a candy of an old house, follow customers’ preferences and make it shine. There is also another part of the title called Garden Flipper and as you have already understood, this one is the same as the first, only now gardens, trees, flowers, and other locations that surround houses are at your disposal.

The most interesting thing about Garden Flipper DLC is that you will make arrangements with clients and these arrangements are incredibly variable. Some are simple and won’t take too much of your time. Let’s say, you need to clean a swimming pool or repair something on children’s playground. Customers will pay you money for what you do and you will gain more skills while fulfilling their requests. The other tasks will be more creative and connected with design rather than with labor you do with your hands. These are going to be real design projects, where you are expected to decorate the buildings and show your best coloristic and shape understanding. Make it really unique, because the game allows you to experiment and leaves a great place for your ideas. You can design an entire building or a garden from the ground up the way you want. Sometimes, customers will give some restrictions, but they are less limiting and more motivating. However, there are some downsides of these arrangements that probably are small failures of the title developers. For example, you won’t have an idea how much money you will receive for this or that task before you are actually done with it. Also, you won’t know which instruments you will need to deal with your next order. At the same time, planning is very important in both parts of the series, so it would be much better for you to be aware of such details. People will pay you for the hours you spend working, which means that you can sit a whole day long doing some minor stuff and you will get a payment for each hour (this is an option only when you don’t have deadlines and too much orders to be complete).